How to fillet edge on a ring design?

im new at rhino, i am attempting to make a ring design to 3d print then cast. i couldnt figure out how to use the fillet tool on a ring shape, or anything round for that matter. can anyone help with this?

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i am trying to round the edge

have you tried the command FilletEdge ?

yes, ive tried the fillet edge command. i may not be highlighting in the correct sequence, im not sure though

FilletEdge should work. Please post the 3dm file of model and indicate the radius you were attempting. There may be something going on that is not evident from the picture.

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I agree with the others, it would be helpful to see the 3D file to diagnose your problem.

It could be a range of issues, from the size of the fillet you’re planning to the way the model was constructed. it’s often more helpful to plan fillets and work in smaller groups rather than trying to do everything at once, but that shape doesn’t look like it should pose too much of a problem, except perhaps at the 2x peaks.

One way to check your models to see if they are ok is with the following commands:

Check - this will tell you if the Rhino object is valid
Showedges - this command will highlight any open edges or problems with the surface.

It maybe that you’ve extruded the shapes but haven’t joined the surfaces into a solid, show edges will highlight this for you.

Good luck .

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ring 2.3dm (111.7 KB)

here is the file. not completely finished with the design yet

oops, this ring is different than the one pictured, but was constructed in the exact same way

what size radius are you trying to use?

FilletEdge works fine with .5mm or less.

cool, thanks a bunch for the help. youre a lifesaver