Surface Continuity

I’m working on the Level 2 tutorials. Exercise 15 is variable radius fillets. After I use the “FilletEdge” command to make the first fillet with a radius of 5mm. I select the “FilletEdge” command again to make a fillet with a 2mm radius. But, when I select the indicated edge and click enter, the fillet extends farther than it should into the previous fillet at the corner. I wish there were a way to include a screenshot of what I’m referring to but, I don’t see an option for sending one. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

You can copy and paste, drag and drop or use the upload button. Better attach the file itself - not a screenshot.

This is what it looks like after I do the second fillet. It is not supposed to extend as far to the right as it does. It is supposed to end at the edge where the first fillet was made.

Hi James - do all if the second set at once - select the top straight edge that you filleted there, the large roundy edge from the very first fillet, and the vertical edge below that - all of them in one go.


OK! This is what I get.

But, why do the instructions say to make the lower right edge 3mm? After doing the fillet as it is, you can’t change the lower right edges fillet. Are the instructions wrong? Thanks for all your help so far! I think the instructions are wrong. There is a section that say "Use the ADDHANDLE option to add a 2.0 radius handle at the end of edge 2, and a 3.0 radius handle at the end of edge 3. But, there are no clear instructions on how to do this.

Hi James - did you try clicking the AddHandle command line option? What happens?


After a few trial and errors, I got things to work as they should. Thanks for your time and patience!