Fill non-planar hole to create closed solid

Hi there,

I have the following structure:

which should eventually be a six-sided closed solid, but the top side is not bound by a planar curve,
so that I can’t use that functionality.

I’ve tried to define a point in the center and radially created curves to the control points of the adjacent surfaces, in the hope that I could loft it this way. The lofting worked, but the edges didn’t match.
Since the opening consists of 4 curves, I tried to create the surface with the EdgeSrf-command, which looked good, but still didn’t result in a closed surface (although I don’t know why).

On a second try, the EdgeSrf-way worked. But still, is there a reliable alternative e.g. for when I don’t have a 4-sided bounding curve?

Any other suggestions?
Thanks a lot!

I think the Patch command can handle any number of edge curves.

Go to the side view. Draw a line new the top. Trim the top part off and planarsrf it?

Tried patch, it created a good looking surface, but the edges didn’t match and no closed solid was created.

@jordy1989: It needs to be in that current shape and orientation, although replacing it by a similar planar curve would have been my last resort :wink:

I see that, Patch does not match the edges. Who knew?

In that case, I would extract all the edges with DupEdge. Then join all edges into 4 curves (up to you how to join them) and run the EdgeSrf command on the 4 joined curves.

@menno: Yeah, reducing it back to a situation with 4 curves for EdgeSrf really sounds like the best general approach for this problem.

Thank you all very much! :slight_smile:

PS: How (if) can I mark this thread as solved?

Patch will work, but knowledgeable selection of the parameters and iteration may be needed.

If the edge can be reduced to 4 smooth curves then EdgeSrf will be a better choice.