Planarsrf won't work, says "curve must be closed and planar"

I’m seriously stumped. I’ve been trying for ages to connect two simple surfaces into one solid. Basically I have the top and bottom of the shape, and I’m trying to make it a solid by using “planarsrf” to create all the sides.

However, I have these random instances where it won’t let me do so because it’s not a “closed and planar curve” and I can’t figure out how to identify where the problem is! (I.E. where the gap is!)

Does someone have an easier way to make a solid from two separate surfaces? Or a command that will join curves and disregard any gaps? Or, alternatively, how to actually find where the gaps are?

Hello - use ShowEnds to see where the curve ends are and, depending on the situation you may be able to use SetPt Z only, to force planarity. Post the curve if you cannot sort it out.


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Looks like 2 rail sweep or loft might work after a join. —-Mark


It isn’t entirely clear from your sketch what you mean. But if you are trying to make a surface from edges like these:

then PlanarSrf won’t work because a planar surface is flat and two of the edges here are curved.
You can use EdgeSrf, Loft (between the curves), ExtrudeCrv, Sweep1 or Sweep2.

Apologies if I have misinterpreted your sketch.


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