Closed solid polysurface from lines?

I have a very annoying task of creating many closed solid polysurfaces from lines on different planes. Usually I extrude and then go through a painful wirecutting process that takes too long…I have many of these to do. I tried loft and then cap, but it only caps one end and the other end remains opened. I then tried to patch the top and join the patch with the open polysurface, but it doesn’t close.
Is there a better faster way to create a closed polysurfaces from lines?
Heres a screen recording:

You have curve A and curve B.
Loft from A to B > surface
Patch A > surface
Patch B > surface
You have 3 surface now.
Do “UntrimAll” on every surface, then extend the naked edges of every surface until they completely intersect.
Manually trim or even try to use “CreateSolid” command.

If you have a large set of pairs of curves, with grasshopper you might be able to speed up things greatly…

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Looks like the bottom end curve was planar, that’s why Cap works. The top curve is obviously not planar and there’s no easy way to put a cap surface exactly through it. What I would do is extrude the bottom curve solid up past the upper curve, Patch the upper curve with a precision that is acceptable, but set it NOT to trim the surface to the curve. Then select the closed extrusion and the patch surface (which should completely intersect) and run CreateSolid.


Thank you. When I got to the untrimall, the top plane wouldnt trim. bottom trimmed no problem. I tried extending the body up thru the upper patch surface but even then it wouldnt trim

Thanks, I think this method works well so far but only in cases where the upper and lower curves align … Ill test it out several times to see if I can make it work. Thank you

Well in the worst case, Loft the top and bottom curves to make the “side” surface, use ExtendSrf to extend the top and bottom edges so they go beyond the curves, Patch both curves (untrimmed), then CreateSolid… The idea is always to have the side surface fully intersect the top and bottom patches so CreateSolid can succeed.

Thank you