How to create solid from non-planar curves?


I am new to Rhino and surface based CAD. I am trying to make a solid by non-planar curves. I tried to use the patch tool and even though the geometry seemed closed it wasn’t. I tried to make each surface of the geometry but again at the end it could not be made as one piece and solid.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Solid by un-planar curves.3dm (34.3 KB)

please post your file.

Yes, sorry my mistake I forgot.

some of your edge curves did not coincide with the corners

if you join these outer curves and loft for example, patching works and you get a closed object.

Hi George - the curves are nearly planar - well, depending on what you’re up to of course - but if the design intent is that they be planar, that can be done as well.


Thank you very much, I will double check and repeat because I made this quick to upload. However, such misalignment wouldn’t be shown by the analysis tool, right?

Yes, it has to be slightly non planar. Wouldn’t Loft work?

Hello - Loft takes curves in one direction only so will not work here for the top and bottom surfaces - with this input, I think Patch is it.


I tried correcting the points and making sure that curves were closed. Also I used Loft for the sides and Patch for the top and bottom but I still cannot calculate the volume as it says that it is not a closed object.

Hi George - use Join to make it one object and ShowEdges > Naked edges to see where there are gaps in the result.


Thank you very much!