File Will Not Open

I’ve uploaded the files to the support site.

  1. I created a file and in the middle of doing an extrude, Rhino froze.
  2. I tried doing save. After about 5 minutes I killed Rhino.
  3. I could not open the file. Rhino just hangs while reading.
  4. I did a Rescue3DFile and moved all the curves to their correct layers.
  5. I did another extrude and Rhino locked up.
  6. I had to kill rhino.
  7. Rhino hangs reading the second version of the file.

I wish I could say there is something unusual about this file.

maybe the curves have some error? overlaping points? coincident curves? can you export a few to test?

I extracted everything from the files Rhino will not open hwere:

Uptake Grate Main Deck V2 (65.7 KB)

Here’s a sequence that screws up Rhino (this is going to lock up your Rhino so don’t have any other files open):

  1. Open the file

  2. Set display mode to Wireframe

  3. Go to the layer Body and extrude one of the groups to the other (as solid)

  4. Set display mode to Shaded
    (Rhino hangs)

  5. Kill Rhino

  6. Open the file again
    (Rhino Hangs)

The same sequence hangs V7. It did not hang of the extrude is not solid.

Doesn’t hang here under windows (V6) although the meshing does take like 45 seconds or more after switching to shaded. The display mesh has some ‘anomalies’…

The work around to make this work is to extrude the frame and the circles separately then subtract.

No, the workaround is to fix the curves - you have some near-duplicate circles in there in the area of the ‘anomaly’… Get rid of those and you’ll be fine.


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