File rejected at upload

Hi, my file is failing to upload with no error reason given. Ref fd0e57ed-be9d-4348-9b52-ad125a5b214d. Could you let me know what the problem is please?

Many thanks

ShapeDiver usually gives a reason why the upload is rejected, for example computation failed or model contains unsupported plugins. Didn’t you get any of those?

Also, please post a minimal definition isolating the problem.

It is “computation failed” - I didn’t realise that was an error class! Could the upload engine say which component it failed on, or give any clues?

Minimal definition attached, and new ref number below.

Thanks (31.9 KB)

Oops! The server encountered an issue with your model:

Computation of your model failed. Please ask for help on the forum, including the reference shown below in your message.

(Ref: 6b7b6980-7af0-4e4a-b321-1a4142194756)

The reason for the model rejection is the Hull component from OpenNest which has been introduced in version 1.3, ShapeDiver currently supports only OpenNest 1.2. We keep updating supported plugins but this might take a while so for the time being, you need to replace the Hull component either

  • with the OpenNest Unroll component
  • or the native Orient component to place the original curves to XY plane

The second option would also make your model to run faster as you can skip the unrolling while re-using the curves that make the brep objects.

OK many thanks Pavol.

How do I do this part please:

skip the unrolling while re-using the curves that make the brep objects.

Do I need to put any extra logic in, or will the standard caching take care of it as long as the geometry does not change?

I assume that you created the breps as extrusions of rectangles. In that case, you can just use the rectangles and place them to XY plane for nesting.