Missing viewport when receiving windows 3dm file

Okay so i sometimes a 3rd party to do some surface work and he uses Rhino on windows. He models with perspective view port on his primary screen only and everything else on a secondary monitor. If he saves the file when still viewing like this and sends it to me to open on rhino for Mac (5.4 WIP 5E397w) it plays up

first attachment is how it is recieved,
second attachment is the missing viewport, simply find by right clicking the rhino logo in the Dock
Now i cannot get back to the standard 4 view ports, i press the button and the third attachment shows the result

What happens when you type 4View?

Looks like the order of my attachments in my first post reversed when i uploaded them

here is the result of 4View

fixed image order in first post

TEST Box.3dm (3.2 MB)

Try this file

any update? @dan did you manage to replicate from my test file?

I am now on Rhino 5 Mac 5.4 5E407 and it remains

Hope it isn’t user error eeek!

I get this after typing “4View” with @VAtom’s file …

Rhino also won’t close the file I have to force quit Rhino.


Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, I tested this with the file provided and was able to reproduce this issue in 5.4. However, this bug does not happen in Rhino 6 for Mac…so that’s good-ish news.

Thanks again for providing the file and clear steps to reproduce this.