Layout opening question

How do I stop the layout window from opening by default every time I open a .3dm document

Right… That’s a bit annoying. Id prefer opening it myself - when I want to.


I can see where this might be annoying. I don’t know, it certainly would help with discovery of layouts if you are handing the file to users without much experience with layouts, but…

I’m logging this in MR-2894. Do others have strong opinions about this?

It seemed to happen for a while, but I haven’t seen it in the last week or 2, I did upgrade to Sierra about that time, coincidence? I think I just kept closing the layouts window and on a Rhino restart it hasn’t opened. This is no way a scientific experiment. But I closed Rhino about an hour ago to move some files around and on reopening Rhino 5.2 (not WIP) the layout window didn’t open.

FWIW «Randy

I already mentioned this as part of my comments here
Double tracking?


I just downloaded the new 5.2.3 build. No layout window with a new file.

yes it is unnecessary in my opinion, be better to open layouts when you need them rather than automatically opening

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I’m still getting that issue with the 5.2.3 version

Hey Randy, what I filed in the issue does relate to new files, but rather ones that already have layouts, FWIW. It’s a minor bug, in my mind, and behaves differently depending on how you open it.

For example, I just saw that if I drag the file onto the Rhino dock icon, it opens the layout window, but it puts it behind the main modeling window. If I use the File > Open dialog, the “bug” appears…I’m not really even sure how fixable this bug is.

Got it Dan, I see that now. Not a big issue with 2 monitors. It opens over there —> lol.

Is it possible to view layouts without a new window opening ?

Agreed. Please don’t open to layout view.