File is millimeters but dimensions are fractional inches?

I can’t figure out why Rhino is putting fractional inch dimensions on my… dimensions :slight_smile: when my doc is in millimeters.

Saw there is a setting for this, but I can’t seem to find it.


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Thanks - I’ve done that, but a 14mm dimension still shows up as .55 :

What are your file units?

And 0.55 is decimal, right?

I think it’s exactly as you’re showing:

And when you select the dimension, what does the properties panel show?

Yes - that was it, thanks. I don’t know why that needs to be changed separately but whatever.

Only issue is the size - again, not sure why it doesn’t just adapt:


Hi Andrew -

Adapt to what?
Please post a 3dm file.

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Hi Wim,

I’m not at my computer at the moment.

Adapt to the current text size. I just want to change the dimensions to mm from inches, not the size of the text. My 1st image shows the dimension text at the default size.

I don’t understand the scaling - with the drawing at millimeter scale, I’d think the text, at a factor of 1, would be 1 mm high. Not sure though.

Hi Andrew -

That’s fine. Just post the 3dm file when you get to it.

Morning Wim -

Here you go.
dimension text sizes.3dm (35.8 KB)

Hi Andrew -

I’m not sure which factor of 1 you refer to. There are two dimensions in your file, with each a different annotation style.

The big dimension is using the “Template Millimeter Large” annotation style:

The font is defined to be 3.5 units high and to be scaled by a factor of 100 when used in model space.

The small dimension is using the “Inch Decimal” style with font height 0.125 scaled by 10 in model space:

What is it that you are trying to do?

Thanks Wim - got it. I had to change the default annotation style, but expected it to “default” to the last selected style.