Changing dimension styles in current document

I have a document where the original dimensions were set for fractional but I’d like it to change to decimal. Nothing that Im trying is working. It stays fractional even know Ive change the settings?
Can someone please tell me what Im missing?

Hi Rick -

That’s hard to tell with the little information that is given.
Please export a single dimension to a new 3dm file and post that here.

Thanks Wim!


Tube holder bar.3dm (496 KB)

Hi Rick -

There are several things going on here.

  • Your annotations are set to the “Default” annotation style and that one still has the format set to “Inches - Fractional”
  • Your annotations all have style overrides as you can tell from the blue text:
  • Several of your annotations have their value overridden by fixed text:


Hi Wim and thanks for your help. Still confused as I am showing the decimal setting not default?
anotation demo for rhino.pdf (80.6 KB)

select a few annotations… look in the properties…

there is a text over ride that appears to be used in several cases.

this will replace the default text with the entered text, which is in fact fractional.

if you correct that text, or remove it, the annotation will be replaced with the default text.