Units from millimeters to inches

i always use small inches when i open or create a file.

i have opened some files in mm to see if they will export in the correct scale.
now I have opened a file that was saved in inches and somehow is in mm, wrong scale when i import a file.

where can i change it back to inches?

It’s under “Units” in the Document Properties. But I always just right-click on the unit in the bottom bar of Rhino.


When changing the unit it will ask if you want to scale everything and I can never remember which option is the correct one :sweat_smile:

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Hi David -

I’m not sure what that means. You can’t “open” a file using different units than what it was created with or set to.

Wrong scale or wrong units? Are you exporting to the 3dm file format or some other format?

thanks, i the units at the bottom of Rhino solved my problem.