Multiple Dim Units


I was recently working on a project in metric and I wanted to have a dimension string display a length in inches. I went to option>annotation>dimensions and selected the Inch Decimal and then created a dimension, but it did not display the length in inches (it showed the mm length). How can I show some dimensions in mm and some in inches when the model is in mm?

Are the setting in options a global thing or local to that file? I’ve noticed that some of the annotations settings I make in a file do not carry through to new files I make later on.

You need to change the length factor. If you go back into Options -> Annotation -> Dimensions, pick the dim style you are modifiying, then scroll down to Alternate text, check Use alternate text, you can choose decimal. If your file is in mm, and you want inches, you can use a length factor of 0.03937 (1/25.4). If you don’t want primary and alternate dimensions, you can also create a new dim style where you change the Primary text length factor and don’t use Alternate text.

Dim styles are a document property. You can save them in you default file, then every time you open Rhino, they should be there.


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