Rhino 7 dimensions don't default to match the template

This is a quality of life thing but it appears that the “default” dimensioning is coming through as customary (inches/feet) measure despite the file being set as millimeter units/grids… the file in question was created with a small MM template back in rhino 5 updated in 6 and now 7.

I can manually change the unit type for the dimension but every new dimension I set seems to now default to inches… This seems to my eye to be a new thing as prior versions always matched the template/grid settings by default

Hello - can you just change the units in the annotation style? (DocumentProperties > Annotation style)


I can manually change the “style name” to millimeter small but every new dimension command goes back to default… this may be a file issue? this file has been used in three different versions of Rhino.

Looking into this further:
I opened a new file with small units - millimeter and the default style dimension seems to be “millimeter small” (matches the template)

Hi -

I am not sure what you are reporting…
When you change the name of an annotation style in your file from Default to Millimeter Small, are you saying that this reverts to Default when you close the dialog box?
I think we’ll also need the 3dm file to be able to follow what’s going on here.

Hello - I am also not sure what you’re doing or expecting… you can modify the style of the existing dimensions, you can assign all existing dimensions to a different style, and you can change the current style so that new dimensions use that (SetCurrentAnnotationStyle) Is any of those what you want to do?


That i believe has fixed the issue … this is a very old file and I think somehow the style got set to something other then the small millimeter template default when i saved it as a rhino 7 file. The command has set it shipshape again!

thanks guys!