Feedback/Suggestion for Rhino 7

Sorry for the bad title, I wasn’t sure where this feedback is supposed to go. These are more minor inconveniences than actual issues.

Object Snaps:

  • When using SmartTrack alt+enter should force numerical inputs to be considered from the last actual point (not the smarttrackpoint) that doesn’t work. Alt+Enter forces a paragraph.
  • Shift clicking object snaps used to select the snap for one shot, this doesn’t work anymore

Selection Filter:

  • It would be great if shift+click for one shot and alt+click for exclusive (similar to object snaps) would work with selection filters.

Inconsistent input methods:

When constructing a 3point box the direction of the height is dependent on the construction direction of the rectangle. This is a bit confusing and it would be better if this would work as the extrusion does (the numerical input is in direction to mouse cursor). There are more inconsistencies like this one, on which I can’t put my finger from memory.

@thesimontrapp My understanding is further development of V7 is very limited and new features will be developed in V8 WIP. You may want to post your suggestions in the Serengeti forum which is dedicated to the WIP.

I was hoping that these issues are small enough to not warrant the WIP treatment but you are right I could create a thread for Rhino 8

Hello- as far as I can see this works as expected here. Is ‘Implied From’ set in Options > Modeling aids > Smart Track page?
Ah… Mac… I’ll try it over there.