Smart snap new infinite lines etc. how to acitvate?

I recall a discussion about a geometry layer or the ability to create infinite lines etc. to snap to I think using smart snap, I think that’s a great step in the right direction. What is the command and how do I activate it?

I actually found the command in the V6 help files nice.

Yep, AddGuide, RemoveGuide ClearAllGuides.

Also, you can force a ‘smart point’ to always be at the origin (Options> Modeling Aids > SmartTrack and Guides) which means if SmartTrack is active, you can always snap to the CPlane axes, which I find handy ( most of the time).


Nice thanks Pascal cool tip. I wish a small options box like the snaps or something would pop up allowing all the key options for smart track. I can’t remember all these shortcuts etc. I also think that not having this is a heavy handed way of thinking on customers. Of course it’s easy to remember if you constantly use Rhino but I use more programs than just rhino so lets make these commands and interface more transparent and have a small gui for this.