Feature Request - Autoselect Layer

A time- and click-saver for sure would be to be able to have an option in the contextual menu where one can make an object’s layer the current layer, so as to enable directly editing without having to hunt around in the hundreds of layers I make for some models.

I think this would work just as well for Windows, but I’ve been working a lot with Rhino for Mac, so it’s here instead.

Anyone else agree?

i’ve seen the request a few times… i imagine the request has been recognized by mcneel and is on the pile (or mountain).

idk, i think i’d use it if the option were available.


on Windows there is a command _SetLayerToObject. If you got this command on Mac, you might assign it to a keyboard shortcut.

Not shure if the context menu is configurable on Rhino for Mac like it is on Rhino for Windows. For the latter its possible to add under: RhinoOptions / Context Menu / Object Menu


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ha. mac has that command!



great this was no shot in the dark :wink: If Rhino for Mac has a command _CommandList could you please post its output as a textfile please ?


i didn’t know mac had that command either :smile:

mac_commandList.txt (8.5 KB)

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Thanks Jeff !

Not shure if this is the text file encoding, but over here it appears to be one single line of commands… :wink:

EDIT: Using a different editor than notepad it looks ok.