Feature Requests: Layouts

  1. I wish it were possible to lock the scale while still being able to move the contents within a layout. Thus, I would not have to worry about accidentally scaling while moving (which happens constantly).

  2. I wish it were possible to snap a reference point in the model to a reference point in the layout. When I move the contents of a layout Rhino does not see the snap points drawn on the layout.

To achieve point 1, select a detail in the layout view, in properties set the scale and toggle Locked. This will prevent the scale changing when you pan in the detail view.

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On mine, I cannot translate (or zoom) the contents when LOCKED is checked.

Hi -

(or zoom??)
That’s correct, when the detail is locked, you can’t pan nor zoom.

The only way to change the scale is by zooming. I’m afraid you’ll just have to make sure not to zoom if you need to keep the scale constant.

I’m not sure what that means. The contents of a layout are either details or other objects that are created on the layout. You can move all of these objects by snapping to either objects on the layout or objects that are visible in a detail.

I think - but I might be making things up - that this feature request is about aligning several details. To achieve that, I normally activate one detail and run Zoom Extents All with all details unlocked. You then identify the detail in which the object(s) appear smallest and use the scale of this detail (or the nearest rounded value) for the other details. Then lock the details.

A different way of doing this is to set the same scale value in all details. Then select a detail and move it up and down by snapping to geometry in the details - in the detail that is being moved for the “from” point and in a neighboring detail for the “to” point.

Here I have a cross drawn in the model and a cross drawn in the layout. I’d like to be able to position the cross in the model at the cross in the layout.

It shouldn’t be hard to script that I think. If you like I can have a look at it.

Miano is right. When a Detail is active, snapping does not ‘see’ anything outside the Detail’s context, like objects on the layout or inside other Details.
I have missed this, too.

Since it suits the topic:
Could you please add a ‘Scale’ parameter there? Makes it easier to read.

Thank you!

Interestingly, you can pan a locked detail if you use a 3D mouse. Strange.

Here is the problem. I need to print a plan in a book. The plan has to be split over multiple pages. It has to be correctly aligned on each page to handle spine bleed