Scaling in Layouts

Is there any way to tell Rhino to NOT use the zoom command to scale the contents of a layer?

Sometimes using zoom on the trackpad scales the layer and sometimes it scales the contents. It is utterly inconceivable that I would ever want to scale something a layout other than using a fixed scale.

Zoom never scales any geometry - only the view. You are maybe talking about when you double click into a layout detail to get into model space and zoom there? If you have dimensions in layout space related to the objects in the detail and you don’t have the detail set to locked - well, you’ve just destroyed all the relationships in that detail and there’s no going back…

Moral of the story - always lock your detail after having created it and set up the scale. If you do need to unlock it to pan or something, be very careful.

How would one lock the detail?


Select the detail by clicking on the edge (frame). Set the scale you want in the Properties tab, then check the “Lock” box.


The box was hidden by scrolled up panels.