Failure of importing .3ds and .obj files - 6.16.19149.14184


I’m having problems importing / opening .3ds and .obj files with the Rhino V6 Mac beta (6.16.19149.14184). I just get a constant progress wheel and ‘loading’.

Trying the same in in V5 works in a matter of a couple of seconds.


Hi Robin - we have that one on the list as RH-52971. Thanks!


This should be fixed in the latest RhinoBETA for Rhino 6 for Mac. Please give it a try.

Seems to be fixed for .obj

However, I’m having problems opening .3ds files. The files open but either no geometry appears or it is incorrect.

Below is a screen shot from a .3dm file I saved from the .3ds import into V5 (all I did was then fix the textures).

Here is what V6 produces:

Hi - please post that obj file. Thanks!

Hi, it is a .3ds file.

Palm (2.0 MB)

Thanks, Robin!
I have created item RH-53111 for the developer to take a look at.


Hi Robin,

I assume since you posted the file to this public forum that you have no concerns about who sees it. Is that true? I ask because I looked into this and, as far as I can tell, the problem is in the SDK we use to read the 3ds file. We use the same SDK (FBX by AutoDesk version 2019.2) for both Windows and Mac. Both platforms share the same plugin source code too. Windows reads your file in ok but Mac does not. V5 (Mac and Windows) used a different older SDK. My only chance of getting a fix for this is posting it on the FBX forum and see if I can get them to have a look. Is that OK?


Hi Tim

It was a free download from another website which has a catalogue of plants etc for download.

I must admit, a number of .3ds files I’ve tried simply don’t show anything when imported so I think finding another example (if you are worried) is unlikely to be difficult.


OK. If you’re forced to use 3ds then may using V5 to read them would work better for you since it uses a different SDK. However, if OBJ is an option, we do all of the import and export code ourselves and have a way better chance of fixing something if you run into problems.

Sure, thanks for the tip. I’ve typically used with 3Ds or obj as I’ve found they are (were!) typically the most reliable of the commonly used file formats for sharing objects.

RH-53111 File IO: Faulty 3DS import

should now be fixed in Rhino 6 for Mac.

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Will check it out. Thanks