Import 3ds file to Rhino 5



Hi Support,

I recently purchased a model from TurboSquid thinking that the file format (3ds) would import into Rhino. Its not working and i’m not sure why. Could someone please help?

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(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Daisy - is there an error message? If so, what does it say, exactly?



Hi Pascal,

Thank you for your prompt reply! I had to download sketch up to export 3ds to obj - so i finally got it opened! It was quite strange though as I have been able to open 3ds files in later versions of Rhino… - The Error message said “Error opening 3ds file.”

Thank you again for getting back to me!

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Daisy - I’ll have to check but my guess of the moment is the file may be too large - the olds 3ds format had a cap of 65,000 or so polys and I think, though I am not sure, that we may still adhere to this limit.



I am fairly new to Rhino…

I need to add trees to my model, so I downloaded a .3ds file and imported it into Rhino 5.
The problem is that the textures seem to be lost in the way, I mean they are loaded bu do not display correctly… what might be the problem?

(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Nicole - try putting the textures and the 3ds file in the same folder and open the 3ds file from there - any luck?



Thanks… They are in the same folder in fact.
But it seems like the textures it is referring to are not the ones in the folder, maybe it’s a problem with the file I downloaded?

Any of you has a tree with textures that I can test?

(Pascal Golay) #8

Ah, OK, I did not see it in your image but I guess you’re not showing all file extensions - I see an .mtl file in there however, which I associate with the obj format, not 3ds - do you have an .obj version of this file?



No I dont, what you see in the folder is what I downloaded. Probably the file is the problem right?

(Pascal Golay) #10

Hi Nicole - that is my guess of the moment - mtl is an obj thing as far as I know. Does the 3ds file show any material assignments on the objects at all when opened in Rhino? And, you are viewing this in a rendered viewport, correct?



Yes the 3ds file shows materials but I think some files are missing…

I guess I will have to find other sources to download the tree I need then! Thanks anyways