Import 3DS in R6 on mac issue

I am struggling with importing mesh in 3ds format into Rhino 6 on mac. It is missing some parts, whereas with Rhino 5 it imports all the geometry. See the pictures

Hi - I’m afraid we can’t do much unless we have the 3ds file that is giving you problems.

Hi @wim, actually, I am not authorized to upload 3ds file…? What now?

Hi - just zip it, that should be fine.

Shit, I am a total idiot :smiley: (775.6 KB) here it goes

Thanks! I’m seeing the same thing here.
We’ve been in touch with Autodesk about this one earlier and are waiting for their new version of their FBX SDK. I’ve added this thread to the YT issue: RH-53111

THANKS :slight_smile: