Importing obj inot the latest version of mac rhino

I’ve tried objs from both zbrush and maya and the little whirly thing just goes and goes with never a model showing up. I’ve done the same file between Maya and zbrush with no problem and I’ve not had any problem before in getting objs from zbrush to show up in rhino. It’s happened with 2 different files so I’m not sure how else to test it.

The previous build of Rhino for OSX had this problem with many file types.
Update to the current version to fix it.

Just updated to the current version. Didn’t have the problem in earlier versions. But reallY? Won’t do DWG? That is unfortunate.

Opps. I had 8-21. Didn’t know there was an 8-23. Now I do and now I can get my odjs. THanks.

As Marlin said in the other thread: He adds a bunch of new stuff in one release, then quickly sends out a couple more to fix the stuff that was broken in the process.

That just the nature of software development.