Fails of the fillet comp

Can someone explain why the fillet component fails to execute on the polycurve when the desired fillet radius creates an arc that extends beyond the boundaries of the line segments (whereas the rhino fillet command works successfully)? (3.5 KB)

Do you really need an explanation of “why” to just deal with it?

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Yes, why doesn’t the fillet component create a tangent arc with the arc segment of the polycurve, but only with the line segments? Is there any reason for this? It is important to note that the Rhino fillet command can create tangent arcs at any point along a polyline.

Thank you for your help! Do you know why it’s necessary to rebuild the polycurve before applying a fillet, while the Rhino fillet command works directly on the original curve?

I don’t have a good explanation other than that the Grasshopper component might have the limitation not to ‘swallow’ an entire curve segment.

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The fillet component definitely has problems, on fairly identical curves it may or may not work. (7.0 KB)

This fails because your curve seams aren’t on the corners.

Fillet (1).gh (12.2 KB)


Oh interesting, much obliged! I would never have guessed

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