Failed to write 3dm file end mark


Is there anyone knowing why this message pops up when SOMETIMES saving a Rhino6 file to Rhino3?


I have a file if interested, but would like to send it private in that case.

Best regards

Hello - is the path to a synced folder, DropBox or Google Drive or similar?


No it’s to desktop.
Just for the record: I do have onedrive installed though.


Hi - I’m just trying to collect more information about this one…

It only happens when you save as a Rhino version 3 file, right?
And it doesn’t always happen with the exact same Rhino 6 geometry? Is it about 50-50 or more like 1:100?
You can upload a Rhino 6 file for us to take a look at here:

Hi - It’s uploaded.
This file isn’t possible to save as Rhino 3.
If I open a new rhino 6 document, add stuff, and saves it as rhino3 it works.
But some files, which I don’t know the origin format of, isn’t possible to save.
We don’t always know the program our customers makes their models in.

Thanks for that file - I can reproduce the issue here and will write a YT bug item. That won’t be visible to the public due to the attached file.

As a work-around, you can save to the version 3 file format if you uncheck the “Save plugin data” option in the dialog box.