Failed to save Rhino 6 file


(Contact) #23

So it finaly crashed till i was trying to export my drawing in DWG…

I noticed than i copy/paste a dimension which was working on Rhino 5, but i was able to save few times after.
I started to have the issue til i was doing some work on some layout.
I had also a lot of .tmp file instead of my save in the same location i have the file…

Can we something about ?
Pretty scared to restart drawing now.

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Tagging @andy.

(Andrew le Bihan) #25

Did you copy the dimension from a running instance of Rhino 5?

(Andrew le Bihan) #26

The absolute best thing you can do to help us is to figure out how to repeat the problem. If you have steps we can follow here, I’m certain we will be fox the problem in 24 hours.

(Contact) #27

So far i had the problem 2 times on the same files. First time 3 days ago, and second time few hours ago.
In term of dimension, i opened a Rhino5 file into Rhino6 and copy paste to my file.

Since the problem, i reopen the file from the last save, and did a new copy to move on.
i really hope to do don’t have the same issue, but will try to keep in mind what i do if the problem restart.

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Hi there,
i have again the same problem of “failed to save” on another file.
And this time i didn’t copy paste anything from an old file.

Still not able to copy my drawing to another file or to export.
And I can’t even copy paste in the same file.
For information, it’s another computer Rhino6 commercial and Windows 10

I am thinking : is it connected to the last update ?

(Andrew le Bihan) #30


We don’t think it’s related to the update. Do you still have your Rhino open in that state?

  • Andy

(Contact) #31

nope… it eventually crashed till i was trying to export/copy/save what i did without success.
you have something i mind i should try next time ?

(Andrew le Bihan) #32


Two things:

  1. If you know the steps you used to get to that point, send those.
  2. If you get the save error, and you would be OK with me doing a remote debugging session on your computer, please leave it in that state and contact me either through Discourse, or directly on
  • Andy

(Contact) #33

Thanks !

For the 1. i will check, but so far i didnt’ notice what i did which can do this situation (will try to check)
And for the 2. i will be for sure ok

Thanks again !

(Stanity Now) #34


Just wanted to weigh in. Had the same error “Failed to save Rhino 6 file… Writing to disk or storage device failed.” In addition, two other Rhino 6 colleagues of mine had the same issue. Upon their advice I managed to save to Rhino 5 version. Tho I dread opening it now. Will leave it for the morning.
I had been annotating drawings in layout and model space. No dimensions pasted from Rhino 5 that I can recall. But that kind of contamination is hard to control… older drafting templates might have Rhino 5 dims, or files from colleagues.
Dunno what to say. I have read this discussion above. Wish there was some finality to it. Just wanted to have my voice heard to underscore the need to have this issue looked into thoroughly.


(Gert Wuyts) #35

Hello Contact,

I had the same problem several times
One time I was able to save my drawing to Rhino5 format.
But the last time I had to recover my Autosave-file (Settings).
I let it save every 5 minutes.
I didn’t try the ‘copytoclipboard’ command yet. It seems to me also a possible way out.