Fading grasshopper hexagonal texture

i want to do a texture like this, the same things can anyone help me, i have to do an exam

I would do something like the following:

  1. divide your surface(s) to create center points for all your hexagons.

  2. create hexagons at each point

  3. sort list of points by z, x, or y value (whichever direction is preferred)

  4. move points downward from hexagon center (downward vector length should vary based on sort position, in other words, if its towards the end of the sorted list it will get almost 0 movement and if its at the front of the list it will get full movement)

  5. draw line from center points to each of the hexagon control points

  6. create a brep or mesh from these lines

  7. you should now have a hexagon panelized surface representing the overall form of your surface with very shallow or “0 depth” hexagon panels at one end and incrementally deeper hexagons toward the other end with the deepest hexagon panels at the furthest or “1 depth” end of your form. This should result in it visually looking like the “gradient” you show above with the consistent increasing depth.

There are many examples in the forum

This is an example using image to control fading

fading.gh (202.9 KB)

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why it doesn’ work ? thank you at everyone

what i have to do

Search in the forum