Smooth 3d gradient pattern

Hi all,
I have been struggling to create a pattern in a way that the diamond pattern begins sharp and as it goes forward it fades out smoothly into a plain surface. I managed to create a pattern but I managed to fade out only in the the corners.
I have uploaded a screenshot describing my problem. The direction of the arrow is how the pattern should fade out. (FYI, this is in Alias but pattern is made on grasshopper in rhino)

Can someone help me with it?

post your grasshopper file with the pattern please with the relevant geometry internalized

3d pattern diamond.3dm (304.4 KB)
diamond (20.6 KB)

the pattern is applied only on the front curved surface of the roof.

I’m not working with Lunchbox, so I can’t help you unfortunately.

You might want to add a tag “lunchbox” in the topic description or post a definition without it

Ok. But if I have you have to work without lunchbox and create a pattern which is fading out. Can you suggest an algorithm for that?

Instead of calculating the distance to the boundary, you can get the distance to a surface above your pattern.

Ok. Could you show the algorithm to get an understanding of its process, if you can.

Forgot to post the file above. (39.5 KB)

i tried applying it to a surface of mine , and it doesnt work? i even tried surface mroph and still dont work? can you please help me sir? (117.4 KB)

Your surface is not symmetric and the curves you used to create it has way too many control points. The isocurves reveal that you could do a better job at aligning the curves before lofting or sweeping…

Try this file with a simple example of two lofted ellipses: (118.7 KB)

You can replace the two ellipses in my example with two degree 3 curves. I’d suggest to place the seam on the Y axis. Create the inner curve and for example use loose offset as a first step of manipulation to create the outer curve.

thank you sir,is there anyway to make my surface eligible for applying to textures to it? to make symetrical like you said? or how could i align them ? thank you

You could try to rebuild the curves but to be honest, I think it’s easier to start from scratch and create a clean surface.

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