Fading pattern

I checked the old topic relevant with the fading pattern by image scatter.
However I still can not find problem with my stuff.
I already flow it to the surface and I want the top and bottom parts fading out and become a smooth surface.

Thank you.
fading pattern.gh (766.4 KB) image


Hi Joseph

I try your file however I don’t know how to use these code.
I think the file you give me build the surface by point but mine is extrude.
l have no idea to use your file to solve my problem.
Which output should go to the input for the PULL P? Because I haven’t use the surface divide, it will show red when I connect the out put P for plane surface to PULL P.

Thank you.

What you want exactly? , the image don’t show anything just unwrap

Sorry to make you confuse.
I try to connect the suggest component in my file but it not working.
So I want make the pattern part is smooth near the marking edge. I think there has some mistake on my file to connect the PULL POINT.

Thank you.

image fading pattern 1.gh (705.0 KB)

Lunchbox always have problem with seam, try to find a solution for it

fading pattern 2.gh (721.4 KB)

For the seam;)

fading pattern 2Seam.gh (736.1 KB)

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Nice! , i think he want hexagon shape , can Ngon do that?

Another solution to separate Cells on seam line

fading pattern 3.gh (724.3 KB)

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Yup, just replace the diamond to hex subdivision, works with the seam as well: fading pattern hex.gh (724.3 KB)

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Maybe i use old version of Ngon or what is the problem?

Seems that it is outdated, the seam was solved 4-5 months ago.

In my case seam only happens for not even numbers:

I suggest to install new Version using Yak, by typing testProjectManager in Rhino 6.
It is easier to install plugins and no need to ublock.


Thank you, very useful update and no need to some components, can you add option to flip mesh in Hexdivide, the mesh flipped unlike the original surface.

If I am corrent this is the native Grasshopper component to flip a mesh:

Yes but in the component will be useful to correct the original direction or flip it when needed.

fading pattern 4.gh (26.5 KB)

Yup I can check it, I suspect the inverse mesh happens after welding.
I will update it in the next release.

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Thank you all come to discuss it.
For The problem of the lunchbox, I always delete it after bake because my work is not so much, but if there has some good way to claear it , I will try later.

there has so much example that need to check. I’m wondering that if I want both end become smooth surface, should I edit in range before the move component.

Thank you !