GH - Gradient hexagon pattern

Hi there, hope you’re all good and could give me a hand. I’m trying to apply this texture from Junichiro Horikawa [Grasshopper] 0029 Lowpoly Attracgtor (Fast ver.) - YouTube to a surface.

So far I could apply it to a surface but I would like to control the gradient with something else than the MD Slider. I could only manage to control it with a gradient but is not very precise and I’d like to be able to do it with curves or multiple points.
Also I’d like to cap the holes or be able to end in 0,0

Please find attached the files, hope you can give me any ideas!

Hexagon Gradient Pattern.3dm (44.7 KB)

Hexagon Gradient (54.2 KB)

Thank you very much,


Take a look at the attachment.

Hexagon Gradient (20.4 KB)


Hi HS_Kim, thank you very much for your answer! This is looking great! Seems you control the points from the flat plane and then that’s projected in the selected surface. I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to do that directly in the working surface… So far I could make it but the vertex are pointing to the Z plane instead of being perpendicular to the surface. Any ideas?

Hexagon Gradient Pattern2.3dm (89.1 KB)

It seems you are using unit Z vector for extrusion instead of the surface normal vectors.

Surface Closeat Point + Evalute Surface let you provide surface normal vectors for extrusions.