Facade Workflow- Best Practice

Hi All,

Just a quick one to see how everyone else is doing facades, using rhino inside/API.

On a job I am currently doing, I am still creating hosting curtain walls, creating grids (refer the long grid thread in this forum) and then modelling the revit families manually.

I am then using rhino inside to place the curtain walls, based on gh start and end points, using the API to place the grids and then using the API to place the correct family/type in the correct spot.

So in effect I am still hosting manual revit panels in standard revit walls- so no direct shapes.

I have over 5000 panels, but I was wondering if anyone had started just placing all these panels in as stand alone direct shapes/pass the geometries into families that then are location at an XYZ location.

Thought it would be good to start a workflow chat.

There will be native RiR components for Adding & Removing Grids, Grid Segments coming soon!

Creating Curtain Wall Panel Families is going to be a better workflow. If you use direct shapes you lose the structure the Revit Curtain wall affords.

that sounds great!

Yeah creating the families manually seems like a more rigid workflow- Its just a time consuming process!

You can create Curtain Wall Panels Families in Rhino.Inside.Revit, you will need to go into the Family and lock to the reference lines if you want them to flex with the curtain grids though.

Ok, so you can place geometry, but you cant really make them paramtric etc with the flex- the flex must be a manual job I assume?