Simple Curtain Wall from Rhino Lines

I understand that much has been written about complex curtain wall questions (irregular grids, grids on curved surfaces, etc.) but am unclear on if there is a simple way to delineate grids on a base surface. I have a simple, regular (slanted) wall and would like to apply a grid/mullions to it by way of Rhino lines. We are trying to keep as much of our workflow in Rhino as possible so I’m looking for a way to essentially build a blank curtain wall and apply mullions to it without having to set up a Revit type.

Is the thread below still the best place to go to get this done?

I believe so.

Hi @scott.deisher

I had this exact issue, as you will see in the linked thread and I was provided with the solution.

Remember you will want to pass in the line midpoints as opposed to the lines themselves.