Need help with Native Revit Extrusion through Rhino.inside

Hello there,

I am wondering if there is a way I could regenerate these cubes as native revit family extrusions or in-place models that still gives you the control (modifying the profile) in the Revit project environment?

Or, is it possible to first create a Revit family Cube and then relocated them to the desired locations like the image below through Rhino.inside ? I assume I can somehow select the revit family in grasshopper then populate them to the desired locations in Revit. Thank you in advance !

A great place to get started is the Rhino.Inside.Guide.

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You can also check this post with similar idea on placing blocks, after going through the above guides to get an understanding…

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Thanks Japhy, I will go through these tutorials again and see if I can find the answer I need !

Thanks Mohamed, this is very useful information !