Rhino Inside - Facade panels with almost 200 panel types

Hello everyone,
I am trying to import a facade from Rhino to revit using Rhino inside and I’m wondering what the best approach is.
I have 189 panel types.

The panels don’t have any curvature. In general we could say they are of two types: normal and corner.

However, they still have very detailed types, based on which face of the building they are on, the level, their location in relation to the interior function (living room/ bedroom) and size.

I have them as blocks in Rhino and these types are the names of the blocks. Each block consists of three blocks itself: 2 window types and the panel hosting it.

Now my question is:

  1. How can I create Revit types from these block names that I have?
  2. What’s the best way to import them? I was thinking of importing them as components (based on their location). I thought of adaptive components as well, however when I deconstruct the panel block, each panel type has different number of points. So I don’t think it would work well.

Any suggestion is very much appreciated!



This would be best put by example, can you send me the file or post portion of it here?



Japhy @ mcneel.com

Overall workflow intent would be helpful here as well. What are do you want to do with the Revit Elements? etc.

Hi Japhy,

Thank you for your response. I uploaded a portion of the facade using the link you shared.
The elements are not going to be changed later in the Revit model. They’re going to be used for scheduling, final drawings, and renderings. We are at the final stages of the project.


Thanks! I see your upload and will take a look at it today and try to have a response for you tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it.

quick question, what version of Revit are you using as well as Rhino.Inside? I don’t want to make a bunch of stuff you need to update to.

Revit 2019 and Rhino inside 1.0 (1.2.7955.31573 (2021-10-12))

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I haven’t forgotten about you, just a little busy to finish enough to post, hopefully later today.

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Thanks Japhy!

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Sorry, more complexity in the naming than you might have been looking for.

Here is Step 1, which creates Direct Shapes and assigns properties related to your blocks.

Re_Facade_001.gh (30.3 KB)

Step 2

Re_Facade_002.gh (8.6 KB)

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Thank you Japhy! This is great! I have some questions about the naming convention, but before that, the code runs into a problem and it can’t create direct shapes of some of the elements and I think because of this it will not create the tags and Block_names either. Do you have any idea what’s causing this and how I can solve it on my device?

I think that’s a recent bug that was fixed, although i’ve never seen the error on a direct shape.

Make sure you’re on at least 1.3

Thanks for your advice! I was on version 1.2. I will test it with 1.3 and see if I get the same error.

Hi Japhy. I installed 1.3 but I’m still getting the same error message. Would you tell me which version of Rhino and Rhino inside you are using?