Extrusion behavior Point/Curve/Surface

I’m not able to find anything related on a quick serach. Maybe I missed it, so please ignore if this was already discussed.

Anyway, I love the general logic of how Objects extrude when moving them with the Gumball + Ctrl.
Curves extrude to Surfaces, Surfaces extrude to BReps,…

Is there any reason, why Points don’t extrude to Lines?

This is a good question for @mikko

BTW, Rhino doesn’t have an Extrude Point command. Only ExtrudeCrv and ExtrudeSrf.

I was about to ask the same these days. I have a script for that but I think it should be possible to extrude points. It’s really useful for starting modeling with some point input.

I am aware of that and see there is a limited set of usage cases as the results will always be lines.

The recent project which made me think was a case of reconstructing a building from on-site point measurements. So I basically have a few points on a wall measured anywhere I could point my laser at. Right now I need to create some base lines from those points with the old line command. Make sure they are level. Once I have those lines, I can go on an extrude the line with the Gumball, grab any edge of the surface and adjust at will. For the next surface, I need to go back to the tools, command line or whatever and draw a new line.

So I came to think how nice it would be if i could just grab any Point, hit Ctrl, drag and voila… It just seems logical to grab any object and be able to extrude to the next dimension

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