ExtrudePt Extrude all command


I just noticed that the gumball can now extrude points into lines.
That calls for a long wished for ExtrudePt command.
Or better: a general extrude command catching points lines surfaces polysurfaces meshes and mesh faces…




Extruding points was added in the last WIP release.
The both-sides option works too.

Hi John,

I’m not sure if I’m missing this, but how does one extrude points in the latest rhino 7 (without the gumball)?


Use the Line command and for the start of the line just snap to the point.

– Dale

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Hi Dale, thanks for the reply.

I suppose I was thinking that if I had many points and needed to extrude them a specific distance in a custom direction (e.g., like you can with ExtrudeCrv). I think the workaround could be to create a custom Cplane and then use the gumball extrude.