Gumball request

Been playing around with the new Sub selection in the WIP and I am loving the vertex sub selection. Im not sure if it is in the works but I think it should be given the same gumball creation ability where control drag creates a line and alt creates a new point. I would also love the ability to move object with the gumball to cplane or world co-ordinate locations not just relative to current location

does that work in version 5 either? i have only curves and surfaces which extrude that way but not points

Your right this feature is not included in 5, I guess I’m arguing it should be. If surfaces can be dragged into extrusions, lines into surfaces, why not points into lines?

so you say that one can extrude points into curves in v.6 and/or with gumball extrusion? it would make sense, sometimes having a grid of points extrudable would be useful.

Hi Daniel - in V6/WIP, Gumball-Extruding point objects does create lines. (not control points, point objects).