Extrude Surface Edges Error / Wrong

Good day to all,

I am not getting anywhere with this problem after several attempts.

When I extract the surface, the corners & edges remain empty. How can I now move the points on the edges so that they then intersect in the edge? That in the end looks like a trapezoid.

Thanks for your help, I have to finish the work today for school.

Voronoi-Extrud.gh (19.3 KB)

Voronoi-Extrud Edited V0.gh (752.8 KB)

It’s not the best way of doing it, not fully parametric, because it uses Scale to get outer curves to loft.
Hope there is a way that can precisely control the thickness of the cells.

Thank you for the suggestion.
I have tried a few things with it. Unfortunately it only works as long as the scaling of all pages is identical. But in the height should not be scaled the same.

This is a problem bother me long time.
To get same thickness shells without visible rifts.
Hope somebody has a good idea to solve this.

Anybody can solve this?

The goals are

  1. Thicken the cells with the same thickness(precisely controllable)
  2. No gap visible from outside

I didn’t see anybody solve this in any tutorial, hope people here have a solution.

Voronoi-Extrud Edited V1.gh (19.1 KB)

I guess I solved this. Actually very easy. Just need to shell it before making voronoi.
Need Flexibility.