Sporph Problem

I am trying to transfer extruded Voronoi patterns to a bent surface with using sporph. But I couldn’t fit it without its corners. I want Voronoi pattern inside this surface How do I get the edges of the surface to fit perfectly?
23jul2020.gh (29.8 KB)

Since the Voronoi is based on a rectangular boundary, I think you have at least two options, there are probably more but this what I see. 1) Make an untrimmed curved surface where the smooth boundary is actually due to the arrangement of the control points at the corners. This is what I’ve shown in the attached GH file. Or 2) Use that Region Intersection component to trim the flat cells using the boundary of a flat version of your trimmed curved surface boundary.

In the first method you’re distorting the cells along the target border and in the second you’re trimming them first to match it.

Sporph-Voronoi.gh (16.4 KB)

I hope that helps.