Delaunay Invalid Mesh - What's Wrong?

Good Afternoon!

First, I’m very new to GH, and fairly novice in Rhino. That said, I’m trying to create a relief cut surface that I can CNC. I’m using an attractor point to shift the voronoi points, and giving them random depths up to 1.5". It all seems to be working correctly until I go to make a mesh.

The mesh has several non-manifold edges and naked edges. See check report from rhino after attempting to bake it.

Any help or guidance?

Trial (15.6 KB)

Classical problem, classical solution

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You can check this.

Trial (17.1 KB)

Awesome - this works, thanks!


Your file works also, but I couldn’t replicate it on my file. Was the only the that changed the delaunay output flattened?

** Nevermind - I figured it out. Thanks again!