Delaunay Invalid Mesh - What's Wrong?

Good Afternoon!

First, I’m very new to GH, and fairly novice in Rhino. That said, I’m trying to create a relief cut surface that I can CNC. I’m using an attractor point to shift the voronoi points, and giving them random depths up to 1.5". It all seems to be working correctly until I go to make a mesh.

The mesh has several non-manifold edges and naked edges. See check report from rhino after attempting to bake it.

Any help or guidance?

Trial (15.6 KB)

Classical problem, classical solution

You can check this.

Trial (17.1 KB)

Awesome - this works, thanks!


Your file works also, but I couldn’t replicate it on my file. Was the only the that changed the delaunay output flattened?

** Nevermind - I figured it out. Thanks again!