Extrude curve normal vector

Hi there

I have just converted to Rhino 6, which is great, though I am still trying to get used to the smaller changes. One is that I do a lot of extrusions while working, and back in Rhino 5, the extrusion default direction would be the normalvector of the curve or surface. Now it seems to have changed so that the direction is based on the centerpoint to the location of the mouse cursor. Is there a setting somewhere that can change this?

Thanks for your help

Nope. This was based on requests that the extrusion side (parallel or anti-parallel to the normal) be determined by the mouse cursor location and not the natural surface/curve normal side. That is to say that planar curves/surfaces will still extrude by default along the plane normal axis, but the side is determined by the mouse “pull”.

Ok. Thank you for the quick reply! I guess I will have to adjust my old habits.

Yep, and you won’t be the only one… :grimacing: