Extrusion Direction

Is there a way to change the direction that a planar surface extrudes?

Normally, if I create a planar surface it extrudes normal to the plane. However, I have found some that want to extrude within their own plane. How might get them to extrude normal.

Yes, after launching the command choose direction or just press D.

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I would like them to take their natural direction.

if it’s a planar curve, it will extrude perpendicular to the plane… if it’s just a line, those don’t have a plane so they’ll likely go with the cplane for orientation…

if the curve isn’t planar, it will probably extrude according to the cplane Z.

i’m guessing your curve/polyline isn’t planar.

can you upload one that you’re seeing the problem with?

edit- oh wait, you’re talking extruding surfaces instead of curves… still, same rules should apply.

I wish I had saved the file. I exploded all the curves then rejoined them, Then they went perpendicular to the plane.

I thought that the problem might been because I had done a CPLANE to Object then created these particular objects. But I have since created others with no problem. I must have gotten Rhino into a weird state when I made them.

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