Exporting with EdgeSoftening to Blender... is there a way?

I’m looking for a way to include EdgeSoftening in the file? in such a way that Blender could [hopefully] import it with Import_3dm
It’s for rendering purpose.
It seems, from what I’ve seen in some tutorials, that the method they use in blender require quads and proper edge loops. [SubD will have that, but the geometry I’m asked to do is mostly sharp strait hard surfaces]

*For now I’m not going to learn how to model in Blender, only to render over there, keeping the modeling work in Rhino [+ZB if needed].

thanks a lot

You should be able to extract the render mesh and export this.

Thanks @martinsiegrist, I think the Blender’s Import_3dm is using the render mesh… the file is saved in rhino with EdgeSoftening on, but I’m not seeing it on the imported geometry in Blender.

I had a similar problem when I tried to export objects with edge softening to Keyshot and it works fine.

A cube displayed as wireframe and its render mesh in Rhino:

And the two options next to each other in Keyshot:

Logged as RH-68726 Edge-softening not part of the render mesh

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Maybe it worked in Keyshot because keyshot has an edge softening slider [so you can do it directly in the render engine. It also can perhaps read more data from the 3dm file…? [just guessing here]


No I meant it in a different way. I extracted the tender mesh manually in Rhino with the command ExtractRenderMesh and sent both the original polysurface and the mesh to Keyshot

then Maybe my geometry is too small… or I’m not getting the settings right in the edge softening options.
In rhino, it appears softer from some distance, but not when zooming fully in, nor do I see changes to the edges in the extracted mesh

there is
as workarround maybe ?

I suggested that already….