Smooth Polysurface for Keyshot (Alternative to ApplyEdgeSoftening?)


I am trying to smooth out the edges of my model consistently (just as ApplyEdgeSoftening does - see image below), but in a way that I can import the .3dm into Keyshot for rendering.

Applying FilletEdge to the entire geometry has produced naked edges in my results (see image below) and is frustrating and time consuming to patch (I have four other variations of this geometry that I need to apply the same softening to).

Let me know if there is some other command that I am missing. Thank you!


you might use _ApplyEdgeSoftening, then extract the softened mesh using _ExtractRenderMesh and hide the original object. Then export the softened mesh to Keyshot. Does that work ?


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Worked like a charm - thank you so much! I was getting so frustrated that I couldn’t find anyone else trying to do this… Fantastic, thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


You could also try to use Keyshot’s build-in edge softening? If you select your object(s) in the Scene tab of the Project Menu (make sure to select the actual object, not a layer), there’s a slider at the very bottom of the tab called Rounded Edges, where you can adjust the radius in scene units. My experience is, that sometimes Rhino does the better job, sometimes it’s Keyshot.

HTH, Jakob

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