Edge Softening in Flamingo


Is it possible to apply edge softening in Flamingo nxt? We are struggling to get some objects to look realistic and think it is due to the hard edges. Can this be done in the render, or do we need to fillet all the edges on the model (hopefully not as it is rather complex)!



You can apply edge softening in Rhino and then extract the render meshes and render those.

Thanks wim!

Bit of a newbie to this - I have applied the edge softening, how do I extract the render meshes?


On my phone at the moment so I cannot check the exact command but it should come up on auto complete with Extractrendermesh or something like that.

Wim is right… use ExtractRenderMesh and then I would also suggest hiding the original NURBS objects on another layer. You can use the commands SelSrf and SelPolySrf to select any NURBS objects. SelMesh can also be used to grab only the extracted render mesh.

Thanks guys that has helped a lot it is looking more realistic