Edge Softening on export


I’m trying to get two other software to recognize the applied edge softening on my Rhino object. I have an export plugin for Keyshot render, and I have a plugin for Cinema 4d which can read .3dm files and uses the render meshes inside them to import geometry.

Neither of these will read the edge softened mesh. However, If I do “ExtractRenderMesh”, THAT mesh contains the edge softening.

It’s like Edge softening is part of the Render mesh, but somehow it isn’t. Please fill me in.

Best regards

  • Björn

Hi Bjorn,

The 3dm support will need to be updated by both of those products to include the custom render mesh information I think. The work around is to extract it as you found which makes the custom mesh a regular mesh object rather than a special Rhino render mesh. I’d suggest letting the KeyShot and C4D developers know the issue and asking that they support this Rhino data in the 3dm. Also check to see if there are more recent versions of these plugins that you can use first.

It’s not part of the render mesh. The only way a renderer can use the softened meshes is if it runs as a plug-in (or an exporter) inside of Rhino.