Exporting to sketchup problem

hi every body
I am trying to create some geometry in rhino and export it to sketchup but when i export the 2.5 megabyte file size in rhino it turn into 150 megabyte file size in sketchup format
Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
i attach the .3dm file so u can test it yourself.99999.3dm (2.9 MB)

I only spent a little time on this one - this model should probably be started from scratch if you want surfaces to join together.

Attached is my export from what I see as the model that you are after - this does not include the curves and about 100 surfaces that clearly are not intended to be the way they are. The SketchUp file is 57 kb… (I had to zip it to be able to attach it here).

99999.zip (25.1 KB)

hi wim , thank you so much but
can u explain me a little more i have this problem every time in this kind of exports
u mean u remove the curves ?

Try to just select what you think you need in SketchUp and use the export command on those (i.e. don’t use SaveAs > *.skp).

Yes, that does remove the curve but also the surfaces that have no width and that potentially blow up the SketchUp file size. (I didn’t try to do that with the model you posted - I only exported the selected parts).

i got it
really helpful . thank you so much