Exporting a Rhino model to Sketchup

Can anyone tell me what is the best way to save a Rhino file for Sketchup to open?

I have a rather large (150mb) file with a combination of nurbs and mesh in it – I tried both .skp and .3ds to no avail. Spoke to John Brock yesterday, who suggested that I first run Mesh, hide the nurbs to see what Sketchup would see. Was successful with this, but when I tried saving it as .skp nothing came out, when I tried .3ds, I was able to get a .3ds file but when my colleague tried to open it with Sketchup it spent about 20 minutes parsing the file and only got about 1/4 way through it… so we gave up.

As there are a lot of Sketchup users out there, I am wondering if there any tips out there on how to best do it?

Thank you.

I go back and forth between Rhino and SketchUp pretty regularly but my file size is much smaller than that (much much smaller). A question - can SketchUp handle a 150mb file?

Use .3ds where You have some control over the poly-count. Export the file on pieces - think of it as an assembly of components to import later in SketchUP.

Okay. It seems that, depending on your computer, Sketchup has trouble handling anything over 80 mb, so exporting the file in pieces sounds like a good idea. Appreciate the suggestion.