Export to Sketchup - Problem with Open Surface Edges

I’m having some trouble exporting a clean Sketchup model and hope to get some advice!

Here is the model I’m trying to export (for use with the DesignPH plug-in):

Rhino model: test.3dm (333.6 KB)

If I join those surfaces in Rhino, I get a “closed polysurface”, so it seems like my model is clean.

When I export this to Sketchup (I am using the export option 2018) I get this warning:

Sketchup model: test.skp (32.9 KB)

At first glance, the Sketchup model seems fine:

…but you can see that this edge is displayed thick, indicating that it is not airtight - there appears to be a tiny sliver of a mesh face:

…which, when deleted, opens a hole:

This is what the topology looks like when I select all:

When I zoom in to the edge in question, there is no visible gap (it must be tiny).

There is one other seemingly random edge where I’ve identified this problem:

I’m not a frequent Sketchup user but the meshing looks clean to me:

Any hints?

Hello - I see this as well, even exporting a mesh version that looks perfectly fine as far as I can see, in Rhino. I don’t know… the best I can say at the moment is that I’ll send this to the developer for a look.
RH-61551 Export SKP - Short edges warning


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Much appreciated! I’m hoping DesignPH in Sketchup will be able to see this geometry and airtight, but haven’t gotten a chance to test it yet.